Graduate Disciples Training

Certified GST Accountant.

    • It is an intensive, industry-revelant course on GST Training. GST professionals are the need of the hour. Since every company who has a turnover over INR 20 – 40 lakhs need to file for GST.

Certified Accounts Executive.

    • Accounting performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business organization or company’s financial operations.

Certified Professional in Practical Accounting & Taxation (CPPAT).

    • This module includes courses on practical accounting and Taxation, which helps a students to learn and become strong in accounting basics and can start his/her career as an accountant.

Post Graduate certificate in E-business Accounting & Administration.

    • This module includes courses on Accounting and computers, which helps a students to learn and become strong in accounting basics and can start his/her career as an accountant and computer skills will support them in positively working in any company as an analyst, Projects will help the student to know how an actual process works in an industry.

Modular Certified Courses.

    • SAP, Tally, Quick Books, Financial.

Certified Banking & Finance Specialist

    • This program equips YOU with adequate knowledge on the present day’s banking and financial services industry and make YOU CAREER ready. The program not only focuses on academic requirements of the industry, but also on the focuses on real time application requirements.

Certified Personal Financial Planner

    • The focus of this program to turn a candidate into a Personal Financial Planner.The course includes creating a detailed financial plan, constructing a suitable product portfolio, risk management strategies and tax planning of the clients.

Certified HR Professional

    • HR, the most strategic piece in any Organization’s puzzle needs to be more futuristic in its approach. In the current VUCA age, HR in any organization, has a much broader role to play. Each person in the organization is full of possibilities; we don’t put pressure on them to grow but create an environment that is conducive to their growth. We need to nurture them, help them develop into a strong performing resource.Together, these high performers take your organization, your vision to a newer height. HR then, is not a function to control but to nurture its people.

Certified Professional in Digital Marketing (CPDM)

    • The course is to enable marketing students to understand the premise of digital marketing. The Modules focuses on various aspects of digital marketing which are targeted towards B2B and B2C spaces. & will impart a practical perspective with the requisite skills to address the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing from a career specific viewpoint.

Oracle Workforce Development Program

    • Oracle 11g (DBA).
    • Oracle 11g Development.
    • Oracle 12C (DBA).
    • Oracle 12C Development.


Web Development

    • HTML CSS, JavaScript Basics, PHP, Angular 4, Learn MySQL Amazon Web Services, ASP.NET, cPanel, jQuery, VBScript,  WordPress Basics.


Programming Language

    • C Programming, Advance C, C++ Basics, Java 8, Python Basic, Python Advanced, Scala Basic, C# Basic, C# Advanced, Assembly (8084,8086), The C++ Standard Library, D Programming Basics,  Java , Basic Objective-C, Advanced Objective-C, Perl Basics, R Language,  Net Basic, VBA .


Microsoft Office (2013)

    • Microsoft Excel.
    • Microsoft Access.
    • Microsoft Outlook.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • Microsoft Word
    • Sharepoint for Business.
    • Microsoft Project.

Civil,Design Courses

    • AutoCad, 3Ds Max, Revit ,E-Tabs,V-Ray, Stadd, Pro,Primavera, MS Project Management.

Architectural Design Courses

    • AutoCADD, Revit, V-Ray.

Mechanical & Automobile Design Courses

    • AutoCADD, CATIA, CREO, Hypermesh, NX CADD, Ansys, Primavera, Solidworks, Solid Edge, MS Project.

Electrical Design Courses

    • AutoCADD.

NATA Training

    • To enable students with standards of Designing Profession and to get in to Architectural field.

Diploma in Interior Design Technology & Management

    • To enable students with standards of Interior Designing Profession and learn various aspects of designing in Residential, Commercial and Health Care Units.

Graphic Design & Animation Course

Certified Professional in Communicative English – Level 1

    • This module includes vocabulary building, accent, rhythm and intonation in a compact and concise manner. Highly innovative activities such as Picture Composition, Word Game, Event Narration, Role Play and Image Interpretation make this module unique and an ever-lasting experience by itself .


Certified Professional in Communicative English – Level 2

    • It is a heterogeneous combination of a wide range of speaking activities as well as extremely useful communicative functions. It also includes grammar, vocabulary building, pronunciations, accent and intonation. Thoroughly innovative activities such as My Memorable Moments, Role Play, What Would Happen If… and Chief Guest give the learners ample opportunity to listen and more importantly to speak.


Certified Professional in Communicative English

    • Communicative English for Professionals’ is a trail blazing and innovative training module in the field of Communicative English. It has been specially designed for the Professionals in various fields. This module provides a complete solution to master the Communicative Skills. It is a balanced combination of some of the most important topics of Grammar, some of the frequently used Speaking Situations and a score of interesting and useful activities. “Communicative English for Professionals” enables the professionals to master the basic skills of the language : Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with ease, comfort and confidence. It is a unique and path-breaking assimilation of a variety of training innovations, carefully carved into a perfect design.


Communicative English skills for Kids

    • This is a pioneering Communicative English programme for Kids. It consists of highly innovative and useful communicative activities, important communicative aspects. It is a unique and path-breaking assimilation of a variety of training innovations, carefully carved into a perfect design. It is replete with a score of activities which help the kids to learn Communicative English with interest and fun.


Group discussion & Personal Interview skills

    • The module on GD involves several layers of training into effective GD skills- ranging from approaching a topic of discussion to constructing an argument. Exercises and activities envisioned in the module are such that the learning becomes embedded in the learner and lead to the desirable personality traits suitable for GD.
    • The module on Interview Skills is designed to train the learner into the conceptual clarity of interview as a process. It then trains the learner to express himself in the most effective manner possible so that his knowledge finds its expression and is judiciously evaluated for the job for which he is facing the interview. The module involves the scripts and videos of some of the best interviews. For an objective assessment, learners will be interviewed in different ways by interviewers from different domains of knowledge.


International English Language Testing system ( IELTS)

    • Helps the learners to acquire standard accentual and rhythmic patterns by extensive practice sessions of Listening and speaking, Providing learners’ ample opportunity to develop the other two skills – Reading and Writing by way of extensive Reading practice as well as Writing practice. It helps the learners to acquire high level of confidence in all the four basic skills.

Certified Professional in Entrepreneurship Skills (CPES)

    • A comprehensive course on entrepreneurship, this course enables upcoming entrepreneurs to understand & overcome challenges in ways of entrepreneurship. This course covers areas in Entrepreneur motivation, Legal, statutory, functions & challenges in business.
    • After completion of the course trainees will be confident to start their own venture, this course will help in understanding the basic concepts of entrepreneurship.